I'm going to be 100% transparent with you, THERE ARE DAYS WHEN I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT WE ARE DOING, except for the fact that we are doing WHAT WE LOVE, which is taking care of Warriors. The fact that we are unwavering in our care for Warriors allows us to be very flexible in how we get to that goal...therefore, allowing it to be OK to sometimes not having a clue what we are doing. I feel this lets us live in the sweet spot between structure and flexibility, and that sweet spot is where we thrive.

Lately, you've noticed steady updates to the way EWN looks and how we are organized, those updates began with us really asking ourselves what the end goal of EWN is, and we found that the answer to that question is found in another question "how are we taking our Warriors from their crisis (which is usually where we meet) to their purpose (which is usually what our crisis prepares us for)?" So with that, all of the updates came when we realized what was right there in front of us, and that was thousands of Warriors who we believe have the potential to influence their world. While that complete story is a blog post for another day, the future of the network is how I chose to begin this update. The future can be wrapped up in one word, "MOBILIZE"!

The word MOBILIZE is defined as prepare and organize for active service! That is what we believe we are created to do. You're seeing the very beginning of a shift in how we help you fulfill your purpose, live in your calling, serve your community, and influence your world. Why? Cause we believe YOU, our WARRIORS, have that potential.

While the care we give will never change, what we do with you once you are cared for is being written day by day, story by story, Warrior by Warrior. What does looks like practically? Overarching things like our new Influencer/Ambassador program, community investment opportunities, and serve initiatives, to individual one-on-one strengths analysis', leadership development, and personal mentoring, and a whole lot in between. All in all, to develop you as the influencer you are and to develop the God-given purpose you have.

Get ready, cause YOU are about to change the world, from wherever you are in it, one step at a time.


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