Let the Equipping Begin

Thanks for joining us here at our new Hey Warrior blog! Our goal with this is simple: Speak truth that equips you with the tools to make a difference in the lives of the Warriors around you.

“EVERY Warrior has the potential to make a difference in the lives of those around them.”
Over the first five years of the Network, we have spent a great deal of energy and resources meeting needs of our service members, which is what we were created to do. With that came this feeling that that alone was not our end…actually, that is where it all begins.

Our service members are a resilient bunch, capable of caring for others, leading, investing, innovating, and so much more. Not only are you war fighters, but we truly believe that you are difference makers. Getting to know the heart of many of our Warriors throughout the first four years of the Network has made this observation a reality. So, with that in mind, our mission didn’t change, we are still here to serve the serving, rather, it sharpened, it shifted, it got more focused. We now realize that serving the serving doesn’t end with meeting needs, no, not at all, it ends with equipping and mobilizing YOU who have had your needs met (whether those are relational, spiritual, emotional, or physical) to go out and take your experiences and meet the needs of others, therefore, creating a cycle of personal growth and development amongst our nations bravest.

The man featured in this picture is not only one of the greatest friends I’ve ever had, but he is one of the strongest men I’ve ever met. Not because of what he does for a job or what he did during his time of service, but because he has taken the hell that he walked through, before, during, and after his time of service, and uses it daily to help others overcome the same struggles. His experiences impact people that only he may ever be able to influence. Those same experiences, both painful or painless, relate to others who have or are experiencing the same thing(s). His story will be a featured post as we get started.

“His experiences impact people that only he may ever be able to influence.”

In the picture above stands a lady in a pink shirt, proudly posing in front of what would become our Warrior’s Family Center. She is best friends with my wife, on our Board of Directors, and an example to each and every person of how to deal with a cancer diagnosis. Again, she is one that is out there taking her experience and using it to make a laser focused difference in people’s lives, when it would have been perfectly acceptable and understandable for her to sit, sulk, and wollow in self pity because of the circumstances that life dealt her. She didn’t, though it was not easy in any way, she rose up and decided that her experiences, both good and bad, were the tools that she believed God gave her to influence others.

So, this “Hey Warrior Blog” will be a tool that we hope equips you with the necessary stories, experiences, developmental tools, and motivation to help you not only realize your potential, but, more so, use your God-given influence to impact those in your circle. We event want YOU to help us create the content. Call us crazy, but we believe you have that potential, we believe you have that responsibility, and more than that, we believe in YOU, every single one of you! Got an idea for a post or have a story to share, email us at yourfamily@everywarrior.org.

Stay tuned for more…

For Every Warrior,
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