Face the Storm

We recently heard a story that we feel rings true for many of us, the story was about the cows and the bison in the western plains. Not that we have that much in common with bovines, but we do have some similarities in the way we respond to storms or adversity in our lives.

The story goes something like this, when a storm is approaching the cows and bison can sense the storm, the cows respond by turning tail and running away from the storm. While the bison turn and run toward the storm.

Many of us are the cow in this story, we try to put as much distance between us and whatever issues we have, not understanding the implications this has on our ability to handle the storm. By turning and running away it only prolongs our suffering and lengthens the amount of time that we are stuck in the storm, and the suffering that we endure.

The bison has it right, by running into the storm and facing it head on it limits the amount of time it takes to weather the storm and how quick it over comes adversity. Though this approach goes against our instincts, ultimately it is our best option, as it limits the amount of time we are exposed and helps to develop and define how we approach adversity in the future.

Many of us see adversity as a nuisance or as something that is holding us back, but we should be looking at it as opportunity. Life is full of adversity and things that are going to impact the way you think, feel, and perform, the question you have to ask yourself is this: do you want to prolong and suffer through extended adversity, or do you want to face it head on, learn from it, and grow into a better, smarter, and stronger you?

Though we may not be cows or bison, we still function better with a “herd” of support around us. Whatever you are going through and wherever you find yourself in life, know that we will always be here to face the storm together and walk through your storm with you!
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