Real Talk - If There Is Ever A Time...

If there’s ever a time someone asks me “What was the best thing about being in the military?”

-It wasn’t getting to work on the jets.
-It wasn’t getting to move out and to a new place.
-It wasn’t the specialized training.
-It wasn’t the opportunities afforded to me.
-It wasn’t the healthcare, the education, or the benefits.

It was meeting some of the best people I have ever met in my whole life. It was the countless unforgettable conversations I’ve had with people I’ve worked with and bonded with. People I never thought I would have related to but became best friends with. It was going through some of the best times and worst times but always knowing you had a brother or sister that had your back and you had theirs. It was working long hours and having everything constantly changing but always having someone there to talk to about it and complain with and somehow joke about. The kind of people that even when they have been out of the military or have PCS’d away and have all reason to be living their own life and starting afresh, the ones that still take time to reach out with a text, message, or call just to make sure you’re okay and see if you need anything at all. That will be what I tell everyone. That is something I wish and hope everyone could be able to experience in their lifetime. Even when you think you are going through something alone. There are people out there that genuinely and honestly care about YOU.

So carry on that tradition by YOU reaching out to your brothers, sisters, family and friends...even when it seems so simple and not a big deal.

-Garrett Mount
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