The Taker

 The normal person has roughly 12 interactions a day, whether those interactions are face to face, via telephone, text, or teleconferencing, those interactions directly affect our feeling of worth and inclusion. Think about those two words, “directly affect”...what does that mean to you? To me, it means that we ought to be awfully careful about the way we interact with people and take time to build relationships, and not just demand of those that work for or with us.

I can tell you from my experience, the interactions I have with people throughout the day play a huge part in my emotional and social wellbeing. The more pleasant the interactions I have throughout the day, the higher my motivation and morale are, when there is a negative interaction, it affects me in a negative way. I think this is the norm for most people. Our interactions at work and in daily life directly affect our performance, our desire to achieve, our emotional wellbeing, and our commitment.

There is a book that I read a few years back called “How Full is Your Bucket” by Don Clifton. The premise of the book is that you start everyday with a full bucket, however, each interaction you have throughout the day can either drain or add to your bucket. You see the premise; each negative interaction drains your bucket, while each positive interaction adds to your bucket. The “water” in this “bucket” represents your emotions, when the bucket is full you feel great, and when the bucket is empty, well, you feel like crap.

Though the premise of the book is simple, when you stop and think about it, it will hit you like a ton of bricks. How many of us work, live, or interact with a taker daily? You know that one person, or multiple people in your life that all they do is drain your bucket and take from you. They never have a kind word, a praise, or are willing or able to fill your bucket. Those are the people you need to kindly remove from your life, or at the very least be able to recognize that they are a drain on your emotions, and as long as you let them they will feed on your joy, motivation, and slow you from reaching your true potential.

Takers are everywhere, especially in our workplaces, those people that use everyone around them as a stepping stone, always wanting, never giving, not concerned with who they trample to reach their goals and aspirations. There is one thing that we have to remember as leaders, friends, and people in general, we are all in this thing together and we require a team around us that help feed our dreams and fill our buckets.

Don’t be a TAKER. The only way we make it through life is by building those around us, not tearing them down!

You are all amazing, thank you for being part of our herd here at Every Warrior!

Josh LeBlanc
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