The Great Warrior Pumpkin Contest
October 22nd, 2020
WARRIORS! Grab the carving tools or the paint brush, gather the family or some friends, and go out and get the best pumpkin you can find 'cause WE'RE HAVING A CONTEST. Before Friday, October 30 at 10:...  Read More
October 22nd, 2020
There are lots of times that life gives you lemons. I know the saying says we are supposed to make lemonade… but the reality is most of the time we don’t know what to do with ‘our lemons’, so they jus...  Read More
Deafening Silence - The Spoken Version
October 22nd, 2020
A spoken version of one of our latest blogs by the same title, Deafening Silence. Is our silence so deafening that it screams that we are a safe place where the hurting can break their silence?...  Read More
988 - Universal Number for Suicide Prevention LifeLine
October 21st, 2020
While EveryWarrior works to eradicate the thought of suicide, having this designation as one more layer of protection for those in crisis is a giant leap forward in ensuring our Warriors are protected...  Read More
Mobile App Launches November 10
October 20th, 2020
The official Mobile App is hitting the Apple, Google Play, and Amazon App Stores on November 10. So, now you will have everything EveryWarrior right at your fingertips on your phones ...  Read More
Hey Warrior! Integrity Always Wins
October 19th, 2020
In week 3's episode of HeyWarrior, we look at the importance of integrity. TRUTH BE TOLD, owning our responsibility to live a life of integrity can be a tough lesson to learn, but when we do, true tru...  Read More
Tell Us About Your Awesome Friends
October 19th, 2020
Know a Warrior that is rocking it out there? Know a Warrior that has an amazing story? Have a brother or sister in arms that you want to just brag on cause they are awesome? Is there someone you want ...  Read More
Meet Cody Nunn! #EWWorldOfAwesome
October 16th, 2020
Cody is the real deal when it comes to being awesome. A former airmen in the United States Air Force, he is now a Guardsman. Cody is passionate about people and helping others, but not just that, he w...  Read More
Our Official App Has Been Submitted!
October 16th, 2020
The official Mobile App has been submitted for approval from Apple, Google Play, and Amazon. So, that means that within a few weeks you will have everything EveryWarrior right at your...  Read More
Deafening Silence
October 15th, 2020
You’re there.You’re in that moment.You’re sitting there.Nervous. Anxious. Scared out of your mind. Terrified of which reaction you might get. You know you need to embrace the freedom that comes from t...  Read More
Meet Andrew Powers! #EWWorldOfAwesome
October 15th, 2020
Andrew gets to do some impressive things at work and has even got special assignments like being the EMT and driver on call for the ECMO team out of BAMC. While he is great at his job, it’s the things...  Read More
Subscribe to our new Podcast
October 15th, 2020
Our brand new Hey Warrior Podcast is now available. We will be adding content weekly such as our Hey Warrior TV episodes, our Equipped series, monthly encouraging and empowering interviews with Warrio...  Read More
Meet Kera Rolsen! #EWWorldOfAwesome
October 14th, 2020
Kera “Puff” Rolsen is the nerd’s nerd with the heart of a warrior. She is currently serving at the Director of Operations for an Electronic Warfare Squadron but in her free time she is a fitness lovin...  Read More
Real Talk - The Smile Behind Suicide
October 13th, 2020
How easy has it become for us to fake happiness? How many times do we post on social media, acting as though life is perfect, but on the inside, feeling as though we’re drowning? How many times have w...  Read More
"Manifesto" - Now Available
October 13th, 2020
Our very first Equipped series is now LIVE. This two part series takes an in depth look at what we believe about every Warrior we come in contact with and the very real moments in our lives that have ...  Read More
Hey Warrior! You'll Move Mountains
October 13th, 2020
In our second episode of Hey Warrior TV, we look at the words of Dr. Seuss and the fact that you can move mountains. TRUTH BE TOLD, we all face mountains on our journey through life, and we all have w...  Read More
Introducing Hey Warrior TV
October 12th, 2020
Last week, we kicked off Hey Warrior TV. These on demand short clips are available to you each week and are designed to spark encouragement, thought, change, etc. New episodes drop each Monday....  Read More
New Podcast Coming Soon
October 12th, 2020
We are stoked to announce the coming of the brand new podcast of your Every Warrior Family. Launching in November as part of our Mobile App launch, this monthly podcast will include one on one intervi...  Read More
Never Ever, No, Not Ever
October 8th, 2020
I, like many of us, have found ourselves at one point or another, maybe even now, as the giant elephant sitting on the branch of a lifeless tree overlooking the vast, hot, life draining desert around ...  Read More
Meet Kats! #EWWorldOfAwesome
October 7th, 2020
On October 6, Barksdale AFB highlighted one of the amazing Warriors we have come to love. On top of a pretty cool video about Alexander Katsigiannis, the caption read "Some people feel they are born t...  Read More
Meet Kendric Ellerbe #EWWorldOfAwesome
October 7th, 2020
Kendrick is described as an amazing leader. He serves currently as an Intelligence Officer in the US Air Force. Not only that, he is also very civic minded and an entrepreneur. On top of working full ...  Read More
Love for the Little Warriors #EWGivesBack
October 6th, 2020
We come across military families currently serving that have babies all the time and our hope is to begin meeting those families with care packages powered by our community. ...  Read More
Lets for Vets #EWGivesBack
October 6th, 2020
Born out of the desire of one of our currently serving Warriors, this initiative helps meet the relational and emotional needs of our veterans....  Read More
Real Talk - We Over Me
October 6th, 2020
One thing that I have learned from my guys is that all they really want is for someone to care about them, really care for them, because, believe me, they can see right through the lack of care. ...  Read More
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