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Nov 5, 2020    Latest News
EVERY WARRIOR FAMILY! Want to stay in touch? You can jump in NOW and stay up to date with your Every Warrior Family from WHEREVER you are! Simply text the word WARRIOR to our new shortcode, which is 554-98, or fill out the short form below. We promise not to spam you and we promise not to blow up your text messages. Ha!

We will use this for important announcements, as well as event updates, vital communication that you need to know, new releases, emergencies, etc. So, jump in and get your subscribe on. You can expect one text per week.

WHAT IF I'VE GOTTEN TEXT MESSAGES IN THE PAST? We are no longer using our old shortcode (51555). Any text messages you have received from us from our old shortcode (51555) were generated from your attendance at past events. We want to be sure we respect your privacy, so we ask that you OPT-IN to our new system to receive these messages. While we CAN add you on our end to this platform, we want to make sure we respect you, so we want YOU to add YOURSELF. Make sense? All you have to do is text WARRIOR to 55498 or fill out the form by clicking the SUBSCRIBE NOW button.