Everyone Will Judge Me

Jul 23, 2021    You're Being Lied To - Part 4
Hey Warrior...

There is an almost equally destructive trap that we fall into after we mess up. One that is almost as equal to the mess up and shame that comes with it. That trap is the feeling of judgement. While we must face the fact that, yes, there are people out there who will scream from the sidelines. Here are a couple things that will help us silence the lies that overwhelm us with the feeling of judgement.

1. The one's who are not in the game fighting with you do not matter. In other words, if they are judging you from the sidelines, ignore them. They aren't on your team. They aren't on any team. They aren't for you. The ones who are for you will not be judging you, they will be in the game with you, fighting alongside you, fighting for you. You will have to deal with accountability and maybe some hard truths from them, but it won't be from a place of judgement, it will be from a place of genuine care. You can know the difference. You can FEEL the difference.

2. When you own where you are, you cut judgement off at the knees. When we own our responsibility for our mistakes, judgement can not exist. Owning our responsibility actually opens the door to the ones that care for you and it slams the door shut on the ones that don't. It's hard to do sometimes. To admit our shortcomings and mistakes is some next level, mature, wise beyond your years stuff. However, freedom always comes through truth, and truth only comes through owning where you are to the trusted people in your life.

If you want to eliminate the voice of the lies of judgment, then take the risk. If you're struggling with this, find one or two trusted people, and ask them to meet up and talk. Your first step, which is your hardest, will also be the best!

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