Give Truth a Voice

Jul 26, 2021
As part of our TruthBeTold initiative, we want to empower you to do something we like to call "Give Truth A Voice". Want to tell your story? Good! Cause the truth found in your own personal story needs to be heard!

You have two ways to Give Truth a Voice!
1. Commit to intentionally using your story in a one-on-one conversation with someone weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.
2. Share your story with us, and maybe even allow us to use it to help spread hope!

Click the link and answer the questions as thoroughly as possible. Once submitted, we will get in touch with you and talk further. Your story is confidential until we talk to you. If you give us permission to publish it, then we will. If not, then it will forever remain confidential.

If you have no clue where to even start, but you want to learn more about how your story can influence others...that's great! Let us know and we can help with that.

Want to learn more about TruthBeTold? Cool! Click the FIND TRUTH tab in the mobile app.