RHYTHM: Share a Meal

Jul 14, 2021    Rhythm Part 5
Hey Warrior! Share a Meal with Someone!

The dinner table is almost a forgotten art and the things that can happen over a meal have almost been lost. Grab a friend at least once a week and hit up breakfast or lunch, even if it's in the break room over a lunch box. Invite someone over for dinner. Hit up your favorite restaurant. Put the phone in your pocket and ask meaningful questions, talk about your day, be present in the conversation, get to know their hopes and dreams, ask about their family, and then when they answer, reciprocate. This is a perfect place to make a friend and build a relationship. When you meet them there, conversation happens...and through one relationship at a time, culture changes.

JOURNAL: Hit the "Take a Note" button on this page and write out your thoughts and use these questions as a guide.

+ What do I feel after reading this?
+ What can I do about it?