Manifesto noun:
a written statement declaring publicly the intentions, motives, or views of its issuer

It starts at the intersection of unexpected crisis and everyday life. That moment when life rocks you to the core and you’re faced with giving up or pressing forward. That moment when mustering up the strength to move forward seems almost impossible.

Hey Warrior! We see you. Did you hear us? WE SEE YOU!

It ignites with the understanding that this mistake, this hardship, this gut punch, or this redirection...while the weight seems is not stopping you, defining you, or ending you.

Hey Warrior! This might just be building you. Did you hear us? This is preparing you.

It’s that trust-demanding, vulnerability-requiring, perspective-producing audacious certainty that, as the saying goes, “my story may, one day, be part of someone else’s success story!” 

Hey Warrior! It demands growth. It demands support. Did you hear us? It demands finding help.  

It’s that absolute truth that you can rely on this thing we call family. Those trustworthy heroes that help you charge that storm and come out stronger...guiding you as you learn to guide others.  

Hey Warrior! This family brings value. These people invest in your purpose. Did you hear us? These people reach in and  pull out your potential.

It’s the infinite reality that you bring life experiences from every corner of this world that intersect with someone on your global stage that is desperate for your battle-tested wisdom.

Hey Warrior! This is where dreams become reality. This is where brokenness finds restoration. Did you hear us? This is where giving yourself to something bigger changes this world.  

Hero. Sacrificer. Leader. Influencer. Warrior. You hold the power to boldly raise the bar on selfless service, authentic leadership, brave vulnerability, and radical influence. 

Hey Warrior! Are you ready?