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OUR GOAL: Support, connect, equip, and mobilize you in such a way that your life speaks influence to the world around you, wherever you may be.

Here, you will find: 
  • Ways you can influence the world around you in your everyday life. 
  • Various EveryWarrior volunteer opportunities.
  • Practical things you can do NOW!
  • Access to volunteer opportunities through organizations across the country.
  • Access to tracking your efforts and time.

Not sure where to start? That's okay. We're here with the support you need.  

Think of this as a cycle...and wherever you may be on this cycle, we want to meet you there. Jump in, find what you need, get the help you deserve, grow however you can, and get out there and change the culture around you from wherever you may be.

Our Volunteer Philosophy


 What do we mean? If we do what we love when we're giving of ourselves in service to others, the impact we leave will be exponentially greater.

On the contrary, the impact left when we serve for any other reason will not be as effective, both for you or for the person, cause, or place being served.

This is true both in your lifestyle and in your volunteer efforts. We're all wired differently, and we recognize that. So, whether you're passionate about animals or the environment, lending a helping hand or poverty, disaster relief or veteran support, community development or mentorship, or anything else that burns in your heart, you're in the right spot!

the power of partnership

DoSomethingNow is powered by our partnership with MobileServe. Integrated directly into our website and Mobile App, or directly through the MobileServe iOS or Android App, you can:
  • Stay up to date with our volunteer opportunities.
  • Find opportunities through other organizations near you.
  • Register for our opportunities.
  • Track your hours.
  • Access your entire volunteer resume. 
  • Stay connected to us by using our six-digit Org Code - EVEWAR



Want to volunteer with us?
Looking for an organization to get involved with wherever you may be?
Need to keep track of your work?
Then look no further.

  • Check out our current opportunities, sign up, and stay engaged through the events completion.
  • Find opportunities wherever you're stationed. 
  • Login to your Mobile Serve account and track any service hours you have completed.
  • Don't have an account? Create one. 
  • Have questions? Just scroll down a little.

As you get signed up, you may be asked for our MobileServe Org Code. Use the code EVEWAR. This links you with us!
Want the MobileServe App?
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Around here, we're big on culture change...and that's something that can't be organized. It's something that happens day in and day out, organically, grass roots, however you want to say it. It's not planned. It's not even well thought out. Yet, it's the answer to all the things we see as problems in this world. It's you...and it's me.

Here, you will find two ways in which you and me both can intentionally create the culture change we believe is possible!

  • Check out 10 qualities of our everyday lives we have found that can immediate impact, we call these our Cultural Rhythms.
  • There's practical things you can do right now, wherever you are...which is why we call them our Everyday Practicals.
  • While these are not scheduled opportunities you will find in MobileServe, you can still Login to your account and keep track any time you have given. 
  • Don't have an account? Create one. 
  • Have questions? Just scroll down a little.


We've got answers!

DO I need a mobileserve account?

If you wish to serve with or through us, find both inside and outside opportunities, keep track of your time, and more...the answer is yes.



why should i track my hours?

Several reasons:
  • Easily know where your energy is going.
  • Performance reports (cause yes, they are a very real thing).
  • Possibly receive a Presidential Volunteer Service Award.

who can see my information?

Through your MobileServe account, only you and our EveryWarrior Lead Team can see your 100% secure and confidential information. 

How do I use THE mobileserve APP?

The MobileServe web app and mobile app is fairly straightforward. If you are having issues, check out these resources from the team at MobileServe.

are all volunteer opportunities on this page?

Yes. All of our current EveryWarrior hosted volunteer opportunities are included here. Just click the Current Opportunities button. This is updated regularly.

You can find opportunities with tons of other organizations all around the country through your personal MobileServe account. 

can i find volunteer opportunities outside of every warrior?

Yes! There are tons of them, and they are available through your MobileServe account. When you login, click Opportunities, then VolunteerMatch and Discover.

You can search by your location and any organizations who have joined VolunteerMatch will be included.

* We DO NOT have any control of organizations listed in VolunteerMatch. 

can I host a service project through everywarrior?

You can! Have a need you want to meet? Need some help? Shoot an email to and give us the details. From there, Traci Ashcraft, our Serve Coordinator, will work with you to get it scheduled!

what if I have no clue what i can do TO SERVE OTHERS?

Let us know. Email or fill out the ENGAGE form and indicate that you want to talk about your purpose! We will be thrilled to talk to you and help you figure that out! 


Through your MobileServe account, you can keep track of all the service work and time you give. To learn more, click here to watch a video walkthrough. 


When you create your account, you may be asked for our Org Code. This keeps you linked to us. By clicking the links on this page to sign up for MobileServe, it will automatically populate. However, should you need it, it is simply EVEWAR.


NOPE. Not at all. They are all suggestions of how you can intentionally serve and support those around you in your everyday life. This is totally on you! So, go have fun! You can, however, track your work through your Mobile Serve account. 

what if I'm stationed in somewhere like alaska?

Hey, we get it, it's cold up there. But they have needs too. Wherever you may be, you can still DO SOMETHING NOW. Through the MobileServe app, you can find any opportunities available in your area, or you can work through us to create opportunities! Just shoot us an email at

Still have questions?

Give us a call at 318-230-3940 or email us at