We take care of our military community. This is the cornerstone of Every Warrior Network. Whatever and whenever the need, we want to help meet it, whether physical, relational, spiritual, or emotional. We understand that there are many needs that our military community faces, especially being separated from family, and many times that need comes attached to a crisis. We provide support for individuals, marriages, deployed families, grief, substance abuse, families, etc. You need help with something, have a loss, need support during a deployment, need to talk, a friend, a shoulder, someone to listen, family to hang with, we are here.

"For me, this right here is where it’s at. Right beside young service members, in the trenches with these families, getting our hands dirty in the lives of these men and women... THIS IS WHERE WE THRIVE!"

- Trey McGuire, Founder and Director

we stand ready TO help MEET THE physical, relational, emotional, and spiritual needs of our warriors!

Have a need?

Have something you need help with? Let us see what we can do to support you! Have a loss, need support during a deployment, need to talk, need a friend, a shoulder, someone to listen, family to hang with, or basically anything else that could come your way? Fill out the FIND HELP form and we will get back with you.

KNOW OF a need?

Do you have a friend or coworker that could use a little extra  support or they have something we can even celebrate? Know of someone who had a new baby, had surgery, is going through a hard time, or just needs a personal touch from us?
Fill out the GIVE HELP form and we will see how we can show them a little love.


Every Warrior Network has a partnership with our friends at Clint Davis Counseling. CDC is committed to helping people make lasting internal change for external growth and success. Through this partnership, we want to see people be healed, restored, and changed into the people they are designed to be and recover from the trauma of their past.  They accept all people, of any ethnicity, gender, or religion and strive to meet them wherever they are in their journey without judgement or agenda. Their goal is to walk along side you to a balanced lifestyle of physical, mental, and spiritual well-being and to help people find intrinsic worth and value, not changed by external circumstances, opinions, or relationships. Integrative wellness and healing is the desire for all who walk through their doors.

EWN works on a referral basis and will cover costs associated with the first three visits to any Warriors we refer to CDC.