Hey Warrior!


There are few symbols that represent our past quite like the American Bison.

This is a story that we feel rings true for many of us...a story proven true, handed down from generation to generation, a grand narrative of cows, bison…and storms.

The story…centered around one of the most fascinating characteristics of the Bison...shows us how they react when a storm is coming. While cows, their close relatives, huddle together and run away from the storm, the Bison, in all of its strength and might, take the storm head on, charging directly into its path.

Many times, we find ourselves as the cow in this story,…trying with everything in us to put as much distance between us and whatever storms we see on the horizon. By turning and running away we only prolong our suffering and lengthen our exposure to the elements of the storm, therefore, greatly increasing the suffering we endure.
The mighty bison has it right, by charging into the storm, facing it head on, it limits the amount of time it takes to weather the storm and how quickly its adversity is overcome.

We are all faced with challenges day after day, moment after moment, both personally and professionally, both small and large, from the small and annoying to the earth shattering, gut punch, slap you right in the face occurrences that rock us to our very core.

This symbolism of the majestic Bison heading directly into the storm is an interesting reminder of how we can confront life’s obstacles.

Don’t run. Don’t avoid it. Don’t hope it goes away. Take it head on.

Also, like the mighty Bison who is rarely seen alone, we function better with a “herd” of support around us. Whatever storm you are facing and wherever you find yourself in life, we are in this together.

Need help facing your storm?