join the conversation happening in the official every warrior family facebook group!

Around here...we're family.

Family is a place where we find comfort, help, support, value, purpose, and more. It's a place where we grow, we learn, we relate, we care. It's a place where we are real!

We strive for, advocate for, and encourage healthy, growing, interpersonal, face to face relationship with those around us. We also know that our "family" needs a forum, a place, a medium of communication...and this is why we have The Every Warrior Family official Facebook Group, specifically for our Warriors and their spouses serving around the world. 


Why not meet you where you are? Most of us spend a little time (or a lot) each day on Social Media, and this is where we want to be. 

Not on Facebook? Well, get on there, keep your circle intimate, hide the excess fluff from your timeline, use it productively, and JOIN THE FAMILY!


Currently serving in the military? All you have to do is join the group!

Connect with our leadership and other Warriors over stories, conversation, questions, articles, encouragement, truth, latest news, and more. 


So now you've joined!
Great, now CONTRIBUTE!

Tell your story, create a conversation, ask a question, find help, give something away, encourage, post something that rocked your world, build others up, and more. Oh yeah, and invite your friends.
This is for YOU and by YOU!


To join, you must be currently serving in the military in some capacity or married to someone who is.