Recently, because of the generosity of Lang Orthodontics and other friends, we were able to create our Lil Warriors' Kids Korner inside our Warrior's Family Center.

This is a play area for you to use alongside your events. We also host regular kids play times at the Center weekly. Stay tuned to our social media and we will let you know when those play times are. 

For more about the Warrior's Family Center, check out the Family Center page. 

kindness KREWE!

You're invited to change the world with us!

"We see it all the time...BAD NEWS. It got me thinking...How do we, as kids, change the world? Our world! I believe we change it a little every single day by our actions. We may be young but we have influence over the world around us. Don't believe me? Try small. Hold the door open for a stranger. Ask to take someone's tray to the garbage at Chic-fil-a. Pull up a neighbors garbage can when you pull yours back up this week. Your positive actions will speak kindness in the world around you. So, let's get started friends."
-Brianna Cooley, Kindness Krewe Founder and Coordinator

PARENTS: Let's start our BRAND NEW Kindness Krewe off strong!
We want to come along side you to cheer you on
and help with ideas on how to love on your

FIll out the Participant Form for your kids to join the Krewe and let's get to work learning the power of Kindness!

  • Kids in Elementary and Middle School are encouraged to join.
  • You can live anywhere in the world and participate!