Introducing HERDS!

Dec 7, 2021
Like the mighty Bison who is rarely seen alone, we function better with a “herd” of support around us. Whatever storm you are facing and wherever you find yourself in life, we are in this together.

This is where we introduce to you HERDS.

Herds are designed for Warriors (and their dependents) to enjoy common interests together.

Like to run, workout, canoe, or craft?
Enjoy reading, gaming, serving, or hunting?
Sports, hiking, camping, or does helping people get you fired up?
Interested in growth, faith, leadership, photography, or being a mommy?

Yes? Then this is where you will connect with folks who share the same interests, and on top of that, these folks will become friends, even family,.

LEAD A HERD: If you want to get in on this from the beginning and lead a Herd, then we need you. Learn more about what it looks like to lead a Herd and get signed up at the link in this article.

Throughout December, we are looking for leaders. Beginning in January 2022, group members will be able to join in with groups we are establishing now.