Meet the McMillans

Nov 3, 2021    Trey McGuire

I'm going to be honest from the beginning of this, I have never met either of these two heroes. In fact, we've only really communicated through Facebook Messenger. However, their story is one that has captured my heart, even as it continues to unfold.

Jared and Christy may have seemed like the typical military couple. Serving their country and raising their family, working to make their world a better place. I can't bring myself to imagine how their world came to a screeching halt when they heard the words "brain cancer". This is where I first came in contact with their story. Posted on Facebook sometime ago, their journey unfolded both privately in their home and publicly as a way to communicate with friends and family that they had spread all over the world.

Bravery. Strength. Hope. Dreams. Those are just a few things I saw in Jared over the time between me first talking with Jared and then us seeking how we could support Christy and their daughter in the moments surrounding his passing. In those moments, I saw the same bravery, strength, hope, and even dreams alive and well in Christy.

There are many things about a story like this that may make it hard to see any good. However, through the pain (and I can't speak for anyone but myself), I can promise you that their fight has set yet another example of how one can navigate even the darkest of storms. Their commitment to each other and commitment to fight is just two of the reasons we want to say Well Done.

This post can never capture the spirit of their story...and who knows, one day we may have the honor of sharing more of the story of such an amazing family. Until then, rest in the fact that many lives are better today because of the simple fact that you allowed your story to influence your world.