Starts & Ends - An Overview

Jan 2, 2021    #EWEquipped

Each month in 2021 will have its own Equipped series which will span the entire duration of the month. These 12 topics area ideas that came straight from our recent survey we conducted concerning suicide in the military. Our Truth Bombs, Hey Warrior Blogs, brand new Weekly Challenges, and more will all fit into these series as thematic and intentional practical tools that you can have at your disposal so that you can be equipped to mobilize wherever you may be and influence your world.

Our January series, entitled "Starts & Ends," will take an in-depth look at the starting points in our lives that trigger the outcomes we long for, hope for, and want out of life. It's been said that starting is the hardest step in any journey. So as we begin a new year, we are going to equip you to take that first step in order to gain what we want out of life and so that we can maximize the influence we all inherently possess.