Do Something Now

Jul 18, 2021
Do Something Now!
Three words that mean so much.

Everyone sees things that they want to do and/or need to do. How often, though, do we find ourselves putting off those thing?

Well, here's our challenge to you: Find that thing, and get out there and do it. Whether big or small, Not sure what that things is? Then do something. When you do, you create opportunity after opportunity for influence.

// In our Everyday Practicals, you will find action steps that you can engage in throughout your normal day to day lives that fit with our Every Warrior mission.

// In our Cultural Rhythms, you will find 10 elements that we strive to naturally include in our everyday lives. This helps us all intentionally live out the normal rhythm in our lives ready to meet folks where they are at.

Why? Because when you DO SOMETHING in your everyday life, you are adding to the culture we are fighting of personal responsibility to influence the world around us.

On the the Mission tab, then hit Mobilize...there you will find the tab for Do Something Now.