13 Unaccompanied Warriors

Feb 17, 2022

“Today, I stood with many others as we laid 13 of our lost and unaccompanied veterans to rest. I couldn’t think of anywhere I would rather be than to act as a family for those 13. Here’s to the lost, till Valhalla…” -Troy Bencke (just one of many in attendance)

Today, 13 “unaccompanied” veterans who were being laid to rest weren’t alone. They were surrounded by family as they found their final place of rest among the quiet, peaceful, marble stone sprinkled fields of the Northwest Louisiana Veterans' Cemetary, nestled in the outskirts of Keithville, LA.

Local warriors came out in droves, JROTC students stood proud, veterans paid respects, Honor Guards shined as they always do…and parts of our EveryWarrior Family were proud to be there as well. Fitting…the day started cold and rainy, but as this makeshift extended family showed up to pay their respects, the sky opened and the sun shined through. It’s as if this potentially sad story of warriors being laid to rest with no family had turned into a testament to this community’s respect for their military and their sacrifice.