EveryWarrior + MobileServe

Oct 5, 2021
Today marks a new day for EveryWarrior and our volunteer/serve efforts! Today, we're announcing our official partnership with an organization called MobileServe.

What's that mean? Glad you asked. This is going to revolutionize how we do things like:
+ Organize and publicize volunteer opportunities.
+ Manage Street Team projects.
+ Recruit and communicate with volunteers.
+ Help you track your volunteer hours.
+ Help you find volunteer opportunities anywhere in the United States.
+ Advocate for other organizations and their needs.
+ Measure the impact you are making.
+ Empower you to make a difference in your everyday life.
+ And much more.

You're going to see this integrated right into our app and website as we take our volunteer efforts to a much more effective and streamlined, all inclusive, lifestyle building approach to serving we are calling Do Something Now. Look for this soon!