Nothing to Prove

Oct 26, 2021    Trey McGuire

I’m going to get straight to the point…I find the “prove them wrong” mentality awfully annoying and borderline dangerous. I spent most of my 20s trying to “prove” myself in every way I can to anyone I could. You know what it got me? Severe depression and anger…nothing more and nothing less.

Here’s the truth! You don’t have to prove yourself to anybody, anytime, anywhere, or for anything. You don’t even have to prove yourself to yourself! And don’t you ever let anyone tell you otherwise.

Fast forward to today. If I put my focus on proving wrong those that said “Yeah Every Warrior sounds like a good idea, but because of (insert a random flaw that they saw in me here) it will never happen”…then I’d constantly be looking behind me, therefore, robbing both myself, and those we serve, of what we are supposed to be doing. Simultaneously, I’d be handing power and control over to things like insecurity and people pleasing.

What did I have to do with the naysayers naysaying? Well, I could have done the opposite of proving them wrong and just totally dismissed and ignored their words. Yes, that is a viable option...and sometimes, a necessary one. But what if I consider the source, and ask myself if there might be some nugget of truth in their perspective of me, and if so, how can i find the root cause of whatever it may be and deal with it. While the naysayer may be sounding the alarm with completely destructive motives, truth is, there might be something worth gaining. Does it need all the noise and lights that it’s getting from the alarm they’re sounding? Probably not. But…maybe your maturity can allow a laser focused beam of light to illuminate what may be something you need to work on.

The same is true for you. You will have those that hate on anything you set your mind to. Whether it’s a change you want to make inside of yourself or some new project you want to do, or anything else…the naysayers are going to naysay. Let them. Leave them alone. Your fight cannot be with them, rather, your fight must be FOR that thing you want to see become reality.

When you fight FOR that thing, cause, change, growth, or whatever else…you will find yourself days, weeks, months, and eventually even years down the road in a place you didn’t even know existed. And, not to be rude, you’ll glance back over life, take an inventory, and realize that the ones you may currently be tempted to “prove wrong” no longer even occupy space on your radar.

You can look behind you and around you and you’ll stay stuck proving stuff to folks that don’t even care, or you can look inside you and ahead of you to what you were put on this planet for. Don’t get stuck spinning your wheels in “prove them wrong” mode, rather, find freedom in your purpose. “Proving yourself” is where living in your God given purpose goes to die.