August Recap

Sep 1, 2021
It has been a wild summer to say the least. Here are a few things that happened in August around your Every Warrior Family that you need to know:

+ We launched our brand new Fighter Community. What is that? Glad you asked. Fighters are those who give monthly to help us fight for our Warriors. You can learn more about that at

+ We collected our 200th tire for the year from the streets of Shreveport/Bossier through our Street Team. Totaling over lbs of trash cleaned up.

+ Over 200 service members, and the Warriors supporting them, were treated to breakfast as they were heading out on a short notice deployment.

+ We laid the groundwork for our partnership with United Through Reading, which will allow deployed Warriors to record stories that they can send to their children while they are downrange. (More to come on that soon)

+ We began laying the groundwork for our new Volunteer Connection (which you will see come alive this Fall). With the addition of two new team members and a streamlined way in which we "manage volunteers", serving with us and through us will be an experience for Warriors all around the world like we have never offered before.

+ The release of our new Apple TV App happened, and it's available in the App Store right now.

+ We released our very first episode of the TruthBeTold Podcast, which is available now on Apple Podcast and Spotify.

+ We reorganized some things under the hood so that we could more effectively speak truth to our Warriors. For example, everything from blogs and podcasts to teaching series and journal entries are now all under the TruthBeTold banner. While we may have paused some of these temporarily, September will see a relaunch of the new TruthBeTold...starting with TruthBeToldTV each Thursday night at 6pm streaming on the App.

While all that is amazing and vitally important, ultimate success is wrapped up in the next three things.

+ As current events unfolded, specifically COVID and Afghanistan, we have seen, and are seeing, an increase in the amount of care we were able to give. While we may have given away a few thousand dollars, there is no monetary value on the relational help we are able to give when we have the privilege to spend a lunch or dinner, coffee or a random visit, or any other chance encounter face-to-face with a Warrior facing life as it happens.

+ Support, both financial and relational, was given to several Warriors facing various challenges spanning multiple states and military installations.

+ Finally, we got to spend TIME with Warriors. Whether it was FTAC, a meal, serving together, dreaming, talking, a midnight phone call, or a Facetime call to the other side of the world, every one of our team members can tell you stories specifically from this month that were written because of some time we spent with those we love.