Hire Military

Aug 9, 2021

Sometimes when you know, you know.

We knew as the requests came from our currently serving military family that they were truly frightened of the transition process.

We knew that the Skillbridge applicant was overwhelmed with the process to take advantage of a truly awesome opportunity. We knew that we needed to help BUT we knew we were not the experts on how to help. We knew we needed to reach out for support from a team that cared as deeply for our warrior family as we did. And after conversations sharing our experiences (both good and bad) with the dreaded but inevitable transition to the civilian sector - WE KNEW that HIREMILITARY was the partnership we needed in order to equip our Warriors for the next stage of their career. With that, we want to thank Olivia, Jason, Matt, Shannon and Michael and the whole team at HIREMILITARY for making this official partnership announcement possible.

We look forward to seeing you continue to serve our warriors with official Digital Networking Professional certification, with leading warriors through the SkillBridge application process, helping through employment services you provide and helping veterans, transitioning military, and military spouses find meaningful careers!

Thank you for your partnership and welcome to the family.