You're Being Lied To

Jul 22, 2021    Latest News

You're hearing voices in your head. No, chances are you're NOT dealing with a mental health disorder (but if you are, that's okay, let's help you get help)...chances are what you are dealing with are the lies you are believing! The lies you've been told. The voices of people from the past that said one single thing to you and it found its way deep into your heart. The voices of the past failures. The supervisor who constantly told you you were not good enough. The spouse who walked out on you and left you with the complete feeling of insecurity. Even the voice that sounds all too familiar, because it's your own.

We all at one time or another, have bought into lies. Subconsciously, we may even allow theses lies to drastically impact our day to day actions. In this series, we're going to look at seven of the biggest lies that we find ourselves believing...and how we can silence their voices.

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