The Aleos' Story

Babies change everything. And when you're a young family expecting that first baby, you're expectations usually don't line up with the coming reality. It's different than we imagined, and in many ways, it ends up being much better than we imagine. But...what about those times when it ends up unfolding in a way we fear? That's what happened to the Aleos. 

Jeff and Adriana, a young military family expecting their baby girl's arrival in the early part of 2023, had their baby shower scheduled and invitations sent out. As the day grew closer and our Warrior's Family Center was set to host this vital moment in their lives, "the unexpected" decided that it was going to show its face. The day before the shower, their baby girl made her grand entrance...and not just weeks early, but months. 

Their connection to Every Warrior through their planned use of one of our resources connected them directly to our Family Center Manager, Cristina Hatt, who lept into action. Soon after she was born, as she was getting settled into the NICU, her parents were getting some of the support they needed. 

Our President, Trey McGuire, like many others, has experienced the early birth of a child, and that connection was just one of the tools that was useful in helping a young, scared mom and dad navigate the most terrifying month of their lives. 

Today, their daughter is growing fast, mom and dad are doing well, and they are a light to anyone who knows their story. That story is one that gives hope when it's needed, and all you have to do to get a glimpse of their persevering spirit is scroll through their social media pages.