The Bentons' Story

Picture this: 99% of everything you own is stuffed in a uHaul. Every piece of furniture, every kitchen utensil, every toy for your kids, all your clothes (except for what you’re wearing and what fits in a suitcase), literally everything. Now imagine you’re driving across the country to your new home and it’s getting pretty late so you stop for the night at your normal run-of-the-mill hotel, get the family settled into said hotel, and head off to bed. Nothing out of the ordinary, right? Well, not yet at least. 

When Ben and Kassandra woke up the next morning and walked outside with their newborn in hand and toddler following along, the word “surprise” was an understatement when they realized their uHaul was nowhere to be found. 

Life, out of nowhere, just punched them in the face. What makes this all worse is the fact that the cremated remains of their infant son were stored safely and securely in the uHaul. 

When they arrive at their new duty station, word had already spread about their situation. Fortunately, thanks to one of our partners, we met them for lunch that exact same day right when they got into town. The days that follow were a blur of people from all around bringing everything from kitchen utensils and toys to TVs and brand-new furniture. 

Does generosity and kindness erase every bit of trauma? No, but it sure does help shoulder the weight. Since that day, both Ben and Kassandra have experienced both joy and heartache, but they have also experienced a connection to a community that has helped them in those moments when life just didn’t make sense. From counseling and a church home to friends and generosity, the Bentons not only have received these things and more, but they model what it means to give back some of what you have received.