Charlie's Story

“I’ll be heading home from this deployment in a few weeks and then moving to my next base within a couple of weeks. Is there anyone back in the Shreveport/Bossier area that would allow me to crash on their couch while I am there?”

That was a post that Charlie Gage posted on Facebook back in 2015. That post led to our very first opportunity to support a Warrior in need. Not only that, but it led to a deep friendship that has spanned the time since. Upon his return, we met Charlie, alongside his dad who had come to town to help him, at the hotel that he would call home for the next couple weeks. 

Fast forward through the years, and our relationship with Charlie has led to some of the work we do today from here to Colorado Springs and beyond. 

Recently, Charlie called Trey late one night and it was evident from the first “hello” that something was wrong. “They just found my dad dead…he killed himself.” Heartache and pain always bring about the most raw of emotions and feelings but they can also bring about the most effective growth. As Charlie has navigated this season alongside his wife and their two young children, he has faced things head-on. 

Today, he stands as a humble picture of how a man can face the hardships of life, whether those hardships are created out of mistakes or whether they come from something that he had no control over. Fighting for his own personal mental well-being, he is navigating the unknown and facing the storm head-on.