Wilson's Story

Sometimes life comes at you from all directions, and when it does, it can be relentless. Sometimes, it hits you when you're giving it your all, striving for what is good, and working to make yourself and those around you better. Sometimes it's quite the opposite. Sometimes it's self-inflicted. Sometimes we create the mess and now we're faced with having to dig ourselves out of it. Many times, the place where those two opposing realities intersect is what we call rock bottom. Lionell Wilson found that out firsthand. 

A hard worker, a kind soul, a gentle spirit...Wilson is simply that face you always see with a smile on it. Unfortunately, just like most people who can "light up a room with their smile," when things began to happen in life, that smile began to fade. Trauma affects people differently. Just as diverse as the effects of trauma are the things we do to mask it, and its effects. Slowly but surely, as he was working and working, day after day, small signs of trauma began to show through. 

In this moment, which many of us will find ourselves in if we haven't yet, we are faced with a decision to make. Lionel was no exception. Do I continue to slip further and further, deeper and deeper into depression? Or do I let someone see behind the smile, which is now just a fake facade?

Lionel is an example today to anyone who sees him of what happens when you chose the latter of the above options. He will tell you the safety found in finding help. He will confirm that you don't have to walk through hardship alone. He will vouch for the fact that you can start from here and press forward. He is evidence that fighting for your mental and emotional well-being is a fight worth fighting.