May 5, 2021    Brianna Cooley
There are lots of times that life gives you lemons. I know the saying says we are supposed to make lemonade… but the reality is most of the time we don’t know what to do with ‘our lemons’, so they just sit on the kitchen counter and waste away.

Lemons are very useful in some situations. Just like making lemonade, lets talk about adding a little sweetness to the bitter year 2020 has given us.

This year we got hit with COVID. (I know, no big news, right?!?) No one could have expected that COVID would have this much of an impact on our lives. But alas, COVID is a real ‘lemon’ in our 2020.

While most people were devastated that they couldn’t go anywhere- work, the gym, or even go to the store- I made a conscious decision in late March that helping people would be the best way to get through these tough times. I wanted to not only make myself happy but, show others how easy it was to stay happy while staying in the house. I challenged everyone to Kindness Bingo each day in April in hopes that it would encourage people to show kindness at home. How much more enjoyable would it be to be stuck at home if home were full of kindness and smiles? A handful of families joined in and saw real change in their homes and families.

So now life is starting to return to normal, maybe a new normal, but normal. I challenge each of us to use the lemons we’ve been given lately to positively affect others.
I believe that kindness is a great ‘sweetener’ to the lemons that COVID gave us… and there were a lot. And even better, people LOVE lemonade.

How will you use your ‘lemons’ each day? How will you sweetened the lives of those around you through your kindness?