Family Goals

Jan 21, 2021    Brianna Cooley

New Year’s resolutions have been around for what seems like forever. Barely anyone actually accomplishes them, and they just end up going to waste. Goals are meant to be kept and to help make you live a better life. The difficult part is that most goals were never meant to last, maybe you liked the idea of doing something different, or changing your life. The reason that you set a goal can be completely different than the reason that someone else sets the same goal. The secret to goal setting is…set it with someone you trust! If you don’t have someone there that is encouraging you to complete said goal it will never be properly accomplished. Setting family goals is a great way to stay accountable. For example, making it a goal to eat dinner around the table at least three times a week, or even finishing a show as a family. This way there is multiple people making sure the family goal is met.

Personal and family goals help make the most important leap with goals, helping others learn the value of goals and how to achieve them. Serving others by encouraging them set and achieve goals can be the start of individual confidence and also the beginning of their journey to similarly help others. Setting goals to/that help others is another way that they can be accomplished. By setting goals that make others feel good, you are getting reassured that what you are doing is good. Even before the kindness comes back from others you will feel better from just being a kind person. Having this feeling after helping others will make you want to do it more and more. This is why setting goals that help others will benefit you completing your goals because it makes you want to keep being kind. Having goals such as giving at least 20 complements everyday or paying for someone’s food at a restaurant at least once a week are great goals to keep you and others satisfied.

Bringing more people than just you into your goals, whether it be daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly, is a great idea! Setting goal that benefit others can be even better!