Action > Intention

Dec 17, 2020    Jason Barnshaw

Let’s be one wakes up in the morning and thinks to themselves, “let’s see how I can make other’s lives more difficult” or “how can I show people I don’t care today”. The reality is, most of us start out our days with intentions to be kind, positive, and to make our day successful.

While our “intentions” are good...many of us struggle moving past intentions to actual action. Make no mistake, there is a HUGE difference between every day, complacent “niceness” and true genuine care.

I’ve heard this referred to as “surface kindnesses” know, asking people how they are doing not because we care, but because we feel it’s the “right thing to do”. Be honest with yourself, you have done this before haven’t you?

We spend a majority of time displaying this “surface level kindness” and just moving on with our lives...never really paying attention to the responses.

If we truly want to make a difference, both in our lives, and the lives of others...we need to transition from intentions to ACTIONS. These actions can be found by being present in the moment...actually PRESENT. Meaning, when you ask how someone is doing, stop...and actually listen to the response. Take the time out of your day to SHOW people that they are valued. To SHOW them that you care.

This is the type of kindness our world needs right now. The kind where we move past surface-level and intentions...and display genuine care by being present with others.

Remember, kindness is best displayed through actions, not just words.