Read Any Good Billboards Lately?

Sep 1, 2021    Brianna Cooley

Have you ever stopped and read your to go cup at a fast food restaurant? I’ve missed fast food this year and the closest place to my house is a chicken chain with really awesome ice. I know ice is a crazy reason to go to a restaurant, but… its really awesome ice. I was eating my chicken a few months ago and saw a fun quote on my Zaxby’s cup,  
“Half full? Or half empty?... problem solved! Just refill”

I didn’t really think anything of it until I saw a cool billboard this weekend. Our town in peppered with positive billboards and one really struck me, 
“Cultivate Optimism”

I always thought the answer to the question, Half Full or Half Empty? was half full… optimism! I’m a positive person. The answer is supposed to be half full. Right?!? But what if the cup is half empty? Does it really matter?  I have recently been reminded of the quote on my cup. When you begin to think of you glass as half empty, just refill your glass! 

So, next time you feel a little empty, cultivate a little optimism....within your community, within yourself.

Showing kindness cultivates optimism. By sharing kindness with others, you are helping to fill someone’s glass. The best part is by filling others up, we ultimately refill our own glass as well.

Now, a little homework assignment: 
+ Eat chicken.
+ Read cups.
+ Pay attention to cool billboard.
+ Spread kindness and cultivate optimism.