Run with the Bison

Mar 15, 2021    Ben Benton
When it comes to your struggles, do you find yourself running from every storm you go through or every difficult task? Do you feel like shutting down, curling up in a ball, and calling it quits?

I have, and I can honestly say you’re not alone when you have those feelings. My whole life I’ve ran from storms or wanted to quit when life kicked me in the face. We all walk through our own hell and, while our own hell can seem like a walk in the park compared to the next guy, it's very real to us. Maybe we feel as if we've even walked down the wrong way of the street street our whole lives.

The other day, I heard a story (from someone that I can truly call a friend now, even though I’ve only known him for a week or so) that bison are one of the only animals to turn and walk into the storm to get through their hell faster, while other animals would run from the storm and be caught in the storm longer. I can definitely identify with the animals that would run from the storm. I’ve tried running from a lot of storms and I’ve been beaten up longer because I didn’t turn around and face the storm. I stayed in the storm longer because eventually the storm caught up to me and, as I ran, the damage done was exponentially worse than what the damage that would have been done had I just faced it.

When I heard the saying, "charge into the storm just like the bison," it was a huge slap in the face and, even mores, a huge wake up call. I’m tired of running and getting beat up longer in the storms and struggles I face. So now it’s time to turn into the storm and get through it. So if I could say one thing it would be this...turn with me and push through the storm.

- Ben