Jul 26, 2021    Trey McGuire
If I’m being honest, feeling “good enough” has been one of my biggest struggles. I can only speak for men when I say this, but I would assume it is true for all of us, "We tend to bury that struggle deep inside, try to ignore it, pretend it’s not there...but in reality, it probably torments us more than we want to admit." Everywhere we look there is pressure to perform and be good enough.

As a daddy.
As a husband.
At our job.
With our friends.
When we want more.
When someone else gets what we seemingly deserve.
Even when we’ve totally blown it.

We tend to spend so much energy measuring up to some unrealistic and imaginary standard that we allow fear, worry, insecurity, shame and even jealousy to rob us of the very things that bring us the fulfillment we are looking for...that being our families, our friends, our purpose, that thing we were put on this planet to do.

Today, what would it look like if we just admitted this age old issue we have and allow ourselves to just “BE”?! The biggest part of being the BEST is being present, being there, taking care of what matters and leaving the rest to take care of itself, showing up, doing your job, loving your kids, being there in the lives of those around you. To me...that’s what I’ve learned brings lasting value and fulfillment. Not position, rank, awards, new toys, abilities, money, or anything else. While nothing is wrong with those things, they are all things that will leave you wanting more and more, all the while the folks around us begging us silently to just be present with them get neglected in our pursuit of attaining something that doesn’t even exist. Good enough doesn’t exist. ENOUGH does exist, and you are enough for the people that love you the most. Be enough today.