Apr 21, 2021    Josh LeBlanc

How many of you carry the responsibility or weight of being the one person that many others rely on? Think about that question, how many of you are responsible for subordinates, family members, job requirements, and any other thing that you may take on to ease someone else's burden?

What stress and weight are you adding to your own life? Can you handle the weight?

Many of us do this without even thinking about it...we take on this task, we lean in and try to help friends or family members through things that they are dealing with, we do everything we can to lighten the load of those we love. We don’t think or even realize the extra stress we are placing on ourselves, our families, or what toll it is taking on our mind and body. We continue to push forward and grind as hard as we know how to ensure that the people around us feel supported, loved, and taken care of.

Some can carry a lot of extra weight, and are equipped with the personality, drive, and tenacity to help everyone around them through whatever is going on. They always seem strong in mind and body, always ready to help out when anyone asks, they always seem to be the most squared away, and able to take on anything.

However, they too have a breaking point, even the strongest branch can only support so much weight, eventually, it will crack and splinter under the pressure and added weight. The branch, just like us, needs extra support to help it carry the load that it is shouldering. Even the strongest people in our lives need support, love, and a safe place where they can be vulnerable and admit what weight they are personally carrying.

In a time of doing more with less, we have to slow down and realize that we are not meant to carry everything alone. It is important to have a core group around you that knows your limits, they know what you need, and they know how to support you through whatever life throws at you.

If there is one thing that we here at Every Warrior strive to do, it’s support you. Let us take some of that weight, let us lend an ear or a shoulder, let us help you carry that load, or at least be a resource that you can lean on. We are here ever ready, willing, and able to help you through whatever storm life throws your way.

And, guess what, there are times where we need you to help us shoulder the weight as well. That is the beauty of sharing weight...sometimes you are strong, sometimes we are strong, and together, at all times, we can find the strength to carry the weight.

This is Family,