Meet Cory Sanden

Feb 5, 2021
Cory works so hard on and off the flight line. Cory's awesome because even with his shift changing every few weeks, he still finds time to volunteer. And he doesn't slack off when he volunteers. He works hard and fast and gets it done well.

"He is dedicated to his passions." His nominee said, "It's my favorite thing about him."

He's passionate about his job, his hobbies, and his family. He gets to the gym every day and encourages people there. He loves bowling and pushing his teammates to be better. Serving others is something he does often, especially if it's someone who needs yard work or just a hand around the house.

Cory, we are proud of you! We know you may not hear it often, but your peers and friends are appreciative of how generous and hardworking you are. Even on the hard and grueling days, keep leading others with your servants heart!