Meet Brandon Kitchens

Jun 24, 2021    Bravo Zulu // Well Done
This past month, we got to tell you about a Library Box that was just installed at Barksdale AFB. While this was done in honor of , it was made possible by the talent of this man right here, Brandon Kitchens. Every detail of this library box was designed and hand crafted by his hands. While his talent and dedication to excellence goes far and wide, his heart is the part of him that goes deep.

Brandon is a man who truly cares. His heart is huge, and it leaves ripple effects wherever it leads him. From surprising us with our very first hand made wooden sign that hangs in our Family Center today and leading the charge for a vehicle wrap for a truck that was donated to our cause, to advocating for many Warriors under his care and fighting for the own wellbeing of his family, Brandon's heart is one that is admirable.

Selfless service are a couple of words embody who he is. He will do anything for anybody, probably before he is even asked. Why? Because he simply cares!