Meet Simeon Purvis

Feb 19, 2021
Yesterday morning, I messaged Simeon just to make sure him and his family were taken care of. His reply to me was this, "No power/heat or water over here on East side but we’re alright for now. Family is huddled under blankets keeping warm in one room, I’m out towing people out of ditches so they can get to Hoban Hall. I’ve got a Jeep with 4WD and mud tires, heat works fine so if people need rides or help, send them my way."

He, like many of our Warriors who could, were out there taking care of those around them in the ice storm we have experienced all week. He never asked for ANYTHING in return, except for more people to help, because this was his text to me last night "Let me know if you get any calls for people being stuck, needing groceries, or transport."

Simeon just kept wanting to serve, and because of his selflessness, there are no telling how many military families were helped. And in between our conversations, I also know he was making sure his wife and son were taken care of as well.

Stories like his is why we just released what we are calling "Everyday Heroes Making A Difference," and you can now tell us about more men and women who have helped you during these storms, just like Simeon has helped others. That can be found on the App under The Latest.