Meet Jamar Blue

Jul 7, 2021    Bravo Zulu
In a world where there is still constant divide, conflict, and a push for everyone to not see each other eye to eye or for who they really are, there are leaders out there that have a vision of a better tomorrow. A vision which speaks hope into the hearts of many who see the state of the world for a chance for healing, uniting, and making everyone feel like they are a part of something bigger than themselves.

Meet Jamar Blue. One of the leaders solely responsible for this shift of patterns and mindsets at Barksdale AFB. Jamar Blue is the Diversity and Inclusion Leader for the 2nd Bomb Wing. In the short amount of time since arriving at Barksdale he saw a need for a change to happen in the society of those in the military. Even though working in the military means you get to meet many people from all types of backgrounds and heritages, it doesn’t necessarily mean they feel involved or like a part of a family. Jamar has set out to change this mindset among everyone he meets and talks with. He cares deeply about what others have say and stand up for and he will go to bat with you every time you need someone in your corner. 

By leading the Diversity and Inclusion team he has already held quite a few events and been a part of many conversations that have been needed in todays Air Force and other military branches. He and his team have started a wave of change that has been long overdue. Jamar Blue is a man that leads by example and has a heart for caring for and lifting up others while also helping them create their own foundation to stand on. 

From the EW family we just want to say a huge thank you and say that we are truly proud to know you and your team. Keep doing what you are doing and creating a space for others to learn from and lead how you do.

- Garrett