Meet Kenny Bish

Sep 14, 2021    Bravo Zulu
We love it when Warriors do amazing things, but what really speaks volumes about the character of a Warrior is when they give the credit to other Warriors for the amazing things that those Warriors do. Kenny Bish, currently serving downrange, has not only dealt with and owned his own story, but he also continues to prove his leadership abilities through the way he selflessly serves, cares for those around him, and gives credit where it is due. Well done Kenny, well done.

This is what he had to say on his Social Media platforms recently.

"As most of you know I conducted a mission to help evacuees escape Kabul, Afghanistan at the end of August. For almost two weeks I was extremely lucky to be attached to a person that I now see as family, but also as a leader and mentor. This picture was taken as we were stuck in a holding pattern above Ramstein AFB for 2 1/2 hours. A woman passed out after breastfeeding her infant baby and stopped breathing. My brother TSgt Moquete immediately reacted by grabbing oxygen off the interior of the aircraft and began resuscitating the woman. Performing life-saving skills. Layed her on the ground, placed her legs on an aircraft chair, and turned her head to the side. The woman's breathing became shallow as the aircraft landed. I stood by as the loadmaster had to land the aircraft and I still had to do my job doing flight denial. Upon landing he carries the woman off the aircraft to seek immediate and further medical assistance at the fire truck; probably saving her life. It wasn’t the fact that he did this act but how fast and how much he cared for these refugees that we had only picked up from Kabul no less than 9 hours prior. I grabbed this photo as I was so proud to call this man a leader of mine. These are the unsung heroes that unfortunately won’t receive the gratitude they whole heartily deserve. This is the reason I still serve because of the man standing next to me in Sgt Moquete. Pray for this woman and the rest of the Afghanistan Citizens who escaped that day."