Thirteen Heroes

Aug 28, 2021    Bravo Zulu
U.S. Marine, Sgt Johanny Rosario (25)
U.S. Marine, Cpl Hunter Lopez (22)
U.S. Marine, LCpl Kareem Nikoui (22)
U.S. Marine, LCpl Rylee McCollum (20)
U.S. Marine, LCpl Jared Schmitz (20)
U.S. Marine, LCpl David Lee Espinoza (20)
U.S. Navy, Maxton Soviak (20)
U.S. Marine, SSgt Taylor Hoover (31)
U.S. Marine, Cpl Daegan Page (23)
U.S. Army, SSG Ryan Knauss (23)
U.S. Marine, Cpl Humberto Sanchez (22)
U.S. Marine, Sgt Nicole Gee (23)
U.S. Marine, Ricky Thompson (21)

The names above represent 13 lives given in the ultimate display of selflessness, one that every Warrior knows is a possibility.

Five of these names found their way onto birth certificates the same year the war in Afghanistan started. 20 years later, life ended with the end of the war.

11 were men, 2 were women...separated by only a span of 11 years.

Several had posted pictures from their deployment within hours of the bombing. Giving candy to children. Holding an Afghan infant. Standing with fellow troops. Even a status update of an expectant father.

Talking about his military service, one family member of one of these Warriors said "He wanted to be in a situation where he actually made a difference."

We believe that can be said of every life represented here. Their stories, their lives, like countless others before them, are true stories of selflessness, bravery, courage, love, and legacy. Their stories are stories that will forever be etched in the hearts and lives of those around them. And because of the difference they made in those hearts, we say "Well Done."

Whether an expectant father, the son of a police officer, the son of a medic, an older brother, a younger sister, or any other form of relational bond imaginable, the shock, disbelief, horror, sadness, sorrow, anger and grief are only evidence of lives that truly influenced others.