Meet Josh White

May 4, 2021    Bravo Zulu // Well Done
Looking for a picture of what it looks like to lead by example? Look no further than this man right here! Josh is a Warrior serving in the panhandle of Florida, but that is just the start of who he is. When you look behind the name tape and rank insignia, you find a man who's heart is for others, and a heart who wants to help others share their story.

When it comes to stories, he created the HeroFront podcast several months back, and in one of the first few episodes, guess who shares their own story? Yep, Josh. Complete with his struggles with alcohol and how his life has changed recently, he leads the way with his own very real and very authentic vulnerability. When asked why he started the podcast, he simply said that he saw a need and wanted to do something about it.

This is the description of the HeroFront Podcast: "Interviewing members from the top echelons of the DoD, down to the wingman sitting right next to you, we will hear stories of resilience, leadership, and purpose."

Josh is much more than just a Warrior who does a podcast though, he is one who truly sees people and cares for their overall well being. Humble, family first, kind, generous, leader...just a few words that truly describe him.

Check out the HeroFront Podcast: