Survival Guide pt 2: Own It

Feb 10, 2023

Part of becoming part of someone else's survival guide is by us flat-out surviving. This second truth is key to how we survive. Here it is...

What you're facing can either build you or break you. Are you choosing to let it build you? Your problem, your crisis, it does not have to, nor does it get to, define you. It actually builds the core of who you are. And yes, it is worth it.

TRUTH IS, we all deal with life. How we respond to it has the power to develop our:

Character, Integrity, Strength

Humility, Attitude, Generosity

Gratefulness, Purpose, etc.


When we own this truth and own our mistake or hardship, and when we face it head-on with help from others, we are protected, the weight is shared, and we come out better on the other side.

You can grow from this. We're here to help. 

Already grown from your experiences? Be there to help. 

Hey Warrior. This will build you!


No one could possibly understand.

This is going to affect my life in a bad way.

This will ruin my career. 

I'm alone.

I'll never recover.

It's just too hard to look people in the eye.

I'm a bad person. 

My life is out of control.