Navigate - Part 2

Feb 13, 2023

Hey Warrior...Navigate!

Life just hit you in the face. What is our first reaction? Usually, we SLAM ON THE BRAKES of our life just like we would do if we see a car coming head-on at us. We do a few things when we hit the brakes. Meltdown, panic, overwhelm ourselves with guilt, get angry, or any other host of emotions that are very real. Then we usually end up dumping a little more guilt on ourselves because of the fact that we feel as if we should be DOING SOMETHING. Well, this is where our next truth about navigating comes in. As we understand that this is something that all of us will face, we then need to give ourselves permission to turn that time into a STRATEGIC PAUSE. In other words, it's okay to slam on the brakes and sit on the side of the road for a little bit.

While you're sitting there, maybe terrified, probably hurting, look around and get a good lay of the land. Figure out what is reality. Did someone just get sucked out of your life by a sudden accident? Ok. That is a very real thing. What else at that moment is real? What can you physically feel? What do you hear? What can you see? Your heart is beating, and with every beat, it hurts. However, let that first step that you're going to take next be one that is grounded in reality and not run by emotion. Don't get me wrong, emotion is not wrong, it is actually good, but it can not control. The emotion that controls us and our decisions in these moments are what sends us off in the wrong direction.