Navigate - Part 1

Feb 12, 2023

Hey Warrior...Navigate!

Life just hit you in the face. Our seven-day NAVIGATE series will help you take those vital next we look at the truth about the least expected moments of our lives.

Let's set the tone...all of us have had, are having, or will have something slap us right in the face from out of left field. The number one thing we need to know is that we are all in the same boat together, regardless of what that situation or circumstance is. Does that negate the real impacts it has on us? NOT AT ALL. You and me both experience things that wreck shop on our lives, and over the next six days, we're going to look at how we step forward from that. But as we get started, look around, and know that you are surrounded by people who, if the true motion picture of their life was playing in a bubble above their head, it would look drastically different than the highlight reel that we tend to post out there publicly.