Survival Guide pt 3: Speak It

Feb 11, 2023

Who's life and influence has been part of YOUR survival guide? Think about it. Chances are, you're not where you are today by chance or sheer hard work on your own, no, someone, somewhere, has left an impact.

TRUTH IS, just like someone influenced you, YOUR experiences have the power to help others know that they can face their problems and crisis'. Because of this, you must share your story.

No one can discredit the truth of your story.
Your truth is what others will relate to.
Your truth is where others find hope.

Whether your story is told in the intimacy and vulnerability of a deep friendship, in some public setting, or anywhere in between, when done the right way, great things happen. 

Both you and others can find great healing by you speaking your truth of how you have overcome, or are overcoming.

We're here to help, but it begins with YOU!
Let's get out there and HELP.

Change the Culture
Be the Solution
Hey Warrior. Your truth influences others.

Everyone will judge me.
My life is wasted. 
I have no purpose.
Leadership is toxic.
There are too many problems out there.