Can't We All Just Get Along pt 8: The Peacemaker

Feb 8, 2023

This friend has the right perspective. Often misunderstood, he or she is found both in the details of the situation and soaring high above looking at the overall picture. They are hard at work doing what they can to bridge gaps, create unity, and fight for solutions. This person uses their energy to seek out the good in all, and expose the negative in such a way that somehow builds.

Maybe it's their unique ability to see that there may be more to the story. Maybe it's their undying love for truth. Maybe even their unending love and value of others. Whatever the reason, the Peacemaker is not afraid of the confrontation but approaches the confrontation with the goal of complete transparency and restoration. They fight for peace. They look for it in the place where it seems impossible to find. They create it.

Even Jesus said that the Peacemaker would be blessed (or simply put, joyful).

No, we can't look at joyful or blessed as "nothing is wrong in their world" but rather as both inward and outward evidence that their work is paying off. Therefore, the peace they get in return is just a byproduct of the peace they create in the world.

Have you ever seen this person in action? They are the ones standing firmly on their beliefs, yet comfortably having a conversation with someone of different beliefs. They thrive here. They seek to understand. They seek the truth. They seek to be a voice of reason. All the while, their maturity gives them the ability to not waver in their own personal convictions, all the while not dismissing those of different convictions. They believe that the relationships in our lives can thrive, even in the face of differences.

Today, if this is you, keep on going. Do not grow weary. Keep fighting. Keep pressing. You're making a difference. And that difference will have ripple effects you can't even imagine.

If this is not you, it can be. Look at your life, zoom out a little bit, and find the areas of your life where you feel as if you may struggle to see the value in others. Go have lunch with them, go get to know that person. Not seeking to defend, but rather, seeking to prove that two people of differing thoughts, can co-exist. Who knows, they might just become one of your closest friends.

So, maybe a little less "division" mixed with a little more "conversation" will help you and me both thrive in a divided world, and, who knows, we may just set the example.

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