Navigate - Part 3

Feb 14, 2023

Hey Warrior...Navigate!

Life just hit you in the face. We're sitting there, at a complete stop, in agony, yet grounded in what is real. (Now would be a time for me to tell you this: If you have not ingested parts 1 and 2, go do that now.)

Ask yourself these two questions:

1. Who is beside you? Who is that spouse, family member, friend, leader, mentor, or co-worker that you can call right now and do whatever needs to be done? Do you need to freak out a little? Cool. Pick up the phone and dump it on that person. Get it out, it's healthy. Get it out, it puts your emotion in its rightful place. Get it out, you're building trust.

2. Who are you? Do not forget who YOU are in that moment. What defines you? What inspires you? What do you believe? Press into these things. Are you a person of faith? Press into that. Are you a person who loves people and draws life from your friends? Go lean on them. Are you someone who likes to work out? Go do it. Are you someone who loves something else? Good, go be YOU! Do not neglect yourself and expect to be able to navigate further.

Your next steps are going to be made more steady by the foundations that the realities that these two truths build.